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Cocoa Chiffon Cake

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Cocoa Chiffon Cake  Cocoa Chiffon Cake 262 cocoa chiffon cake

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4 hours

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1 cake

With a cloud-deal with texture, this Cocoa Chiffon Cake recipe creates a mild-weight-as-air cake with the soft richness of a sponge cake. Its delightfully springy texture and chocolaty taste from HERSHEY’s Cocoa in the batter fabricate it a favorite for americans who need a lighter, perfectly candy dessert. Attain your Cocoa Chiffon Cake with a straightforward vanilla glaze. The cake is ultimate for events, equivalent to bridal showers or toddler showers, where rich desserts aren’t wished. Through the use of dessert, Hersheyland is the last phrase space to search out your new favorite cake recipes. Explore our most smartly-preferred recipes at HERSHEY’S Easiest Cake Recipes and Tortes.

Ingredients & Directions

Prep Time
30 minutes

Bake Time
1 hour 20 minutes

Frosty Time
2 hours


  • 7

    eggs, separated and at room temperature


Step-By-Step Directions

oven & stovetop  Cocoa Chiffon Cake oven
oven & stovetop

mixing bowls  Cocoa Chiffon Cake Mixing 20bowl
mixing bowls

mixer  Cocoa Chiffon Cake mixer

10-stride tube pan  Cocoa Chiffon Cake misc
10-stride tube pan

heat-proof funnel  Cocoa Chiffon Cake misc
heat-proof funnel

serving plate  Cocoa Chiffon Cake plate
serving plate

medium saucepan  Cocoa Chiffon Cake pot


Mix 1-3/4 cups sugar, flour, cocoa, baking powder, salt and baking soda in successfully-organized bowl. Add oil, egg yolks, water and vanilla; beat till tender.


Beat egg whites and cream of tartar in extra-successfully-organized bowl till soft peaks form. Progressively add final 1/4 cup sugar, beating till stiff peaks form. Progressively pour chocolate batter over overwhelmed egg whites, folding with rubber spatula fair accurate till blended. Pour into ungreased 10-stride tube pan.


Bake 1 hour and 20 minutes or till top springs relieve when touched flippantly. Invert pan on heat-proof funnel till fully cool. Grasp away cake from pan; invert onto serving plate. Unfold top of cake with Vanilla Glaze, allowing some to drizzle down sides.

Vanilla Glaze:

Soften butter in medium saucepan over low heat. Grasp away from heat. Crawl in powdered sugar and vanilla. Crawl in water, 1 tablespoon at a time, till tender and of desired consistency. About 1-1/4 cups glaze.


Cocoa Peppermint Chiffon Cake: Plod away out vanilla extract; add 1 to 1-1/2 teaspoons peppermint extract. Add crimson food coloration to Vanilla Glaze for crimson colored glaze. Garnish with overwhelmed tough peppermint candy.

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