Cinnamon Honey Hazelnut Drink recipes  Cinnamon Honey Hazelnut Drink recipes 683 cinnamon honey hazelnut drink recipes

Cinnamon Honey Hazelnut Drink recipes

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Susan   |   February 24, 2010

The temp here dipped below zero as soon as more last evening. Severely, isn’t spring supposed to be coming? Aren’t we supposed to be warming up unbiased appropriate a little bit? I built a mountainous fire within the fireside and settled down with the pups. What used to be I lacking? A mountainous mug of sizzling chocolate. I possess a colossal raw food recipe for warmth cacao here, but it indubitably used to be getting late and I knew if I drank the rest with cacao this late, it might per chance well per chance also interfere with my sleep.

Cinnamon Honey Hazelnut Drink recipes DSC 6053 2

Hazelnut milk to the rescue! Served with a contact of raw honey and cinnamon, and warmed a little bit, it used to be the ideal ahead of bed nightcap.

More health advantages of cinnamon are turning into acknowledged each day. It is a source of magnesium, fiber, calcium and iron. Experiences possess shown that cinnamon has anti-clotting advantages, can decrease your LDL Ldl cholesterol, assist defend an eye on blood sugar and present relief for arthritis. It is a spice price taking a learn about into.

  • 2 cups Hazelnut Milk (recipe here)
  • 1 tablespoon Raw Honey (can add extra in case you admire it sweeter)
  • 1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon
  1. Combine all ingredients collectively, warmth in dehydrator or over double boiler. It is possible you’ll be in a contrivance to exercise a kitchen thermometer to be particular you defend the temp below 116 for raw.

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