Chocolate Queen of Puddings

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Exactly what I in actuality like experienced observe by observe… and Allah knows ideally wonderful… ?

I pronounce it is now not a secret that I’m a die exhausting chocolate particular person, so that you must simplest internet the proven truth that once I salvage a book stout of chocolate recipes for a designate to die for, then I’d positively purchase it! The book that I took this recipe from had so many delicious chocolate recipes and confidently, I’d admire to are attempting all slowly by slowly… as if the total chocolate that I’m baking is now not sufficient! Hehe… That is one in all the predominant truffles that I had baked in my contemporary kitchen nonetheless kept delaying it as I was now not contented by the photos. In actuality, this used to be one in all the truffles I baked thinking I’d defend it as the 5 hundredth post, nonetheless the photos in actuality disenchanted me. Slowly now, my photos from my contemporary space are improving… or so I feel, even supposing there is loads to toughen!

That is one dessert I’d reveal for a occasion or a celebration. I made this for us to eat nonetheless then I had a bunch of company that day coming and going, and so that they enjoyed every bit of it. The conventional Queen of Pudding – which is nothing nonetheless a British breadcrumb thickened custard baked after which topped with a jam and meringue and baked yet again except browned – is apparent nonetheless this one is with chocolate, and soon I’d are attempting to invent the scary one, confidently when I in actuality like a occasion coming up. Till then, allow us to like a query at how the chocolate version is made…

Route Dessert

Delicacies European

Prep Time 15 minutes

Cook Time 1 hour

Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes

Servings 6

Creator Rafeeda


  • 50 gm milk chocolate
  • 450 ml milk
  • 3 tbsp drinking chocolate powder I extinct Nesquick
  • 100 gm breadcrumbs
  • 2 eggs separated
  • 75 gms sugar
  • 4 tbsp blended fruit jam or any berry jam


  • Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Lend a hand a 1.2 ltr baking pan ready.

  • Lend a hand the egg whites in a trim bowl. Beat the egg yolks with a fork and space apart.

  • Mix chocolate, milk and the chocolate powder and defend on low flame. Stir constantly except the chocolate is entirely melted. Snatch off the warmth.

  • Add the breadcrumbs and mix well. When a exiguous bit cooled, pour in the egg yolk in a circulate and plug constantly to handbook obvious of lumping. Pour into the baking pan,

  • Bake for 25 minutes or except the tip is decided.

  • Meanwhile, beat the egg whites except stiff. Add the sugar and continue to beat except it becomes sleek admire for meringues, ie. if you happen to seize up your beater, it ought to easy stand up.

  • Snatch out the baked chocolate heinous, unfold the jam evenly on high.

  • Now dump in the beaten egg white and unfold evenly.

  • Return assist to the oven and bake for quarter-hour or except the meringue will get carried out.

  • Lend a hand warmth or cool – I felt it tasted considerably better when cool!


1. In space of the exclaim of milk + chocolate powder, exclaim chocolate milk admire the standard recipe had quick.

2. The shock used to be very gentle. You are going to be ready to add around 50 gms of sugar to the chocolate heinous to invent it more sweet.

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