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Chocolate Mousse Bombes

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Chocolate Mousse Bombes cmb7 Recipe: chocolate mousse bombes

FYI: For these of you asking in regards to the headband within the closing post – it’s miles the My So Called Scarf pattern and it’s easy to knit and merely gorgeous.

V-day is coming. I’m admittedly no longer a romantic, as most of my chums know. In my tips, romantics are at all times atmosphere themselves up for disappointment. I’m a pragmatist. I glean shit executed (or I try to anyway). It surely works for us. Lawful closing evening I attempted to time table a occasion with several of my tele betties and Jeremy casually reminded me that one amongst the dates I suggested used to be our anniversary. Oops!

Winter is back, as are her winds. We have a movie of non-stop horizontal snow dashing past our image dwelling windows, stripping away any warmth within the residence. Kaweah is cuddled up within the space of business on the relaxed faux fur/fleece blanket I made for her in December (and now prefer I had bought sufficient of that awesome faux fur to carry out one for us because there isn’t to any extent extra!)

snuggled up and entirely happy

Chocolate Mousse Bombes bbburrito

It’s a correct day to glean stuff executed inner, trusting that the snow out of doors will stick on the mountains and that correct snowboarding is to be had soon sufficient. We did put off friendly thing in regards to the ruin within the weather over the weekend, including getting out for a walkie. I’ve we grunt one one more, “Kaweah needs a slither” when what we’re surely announcing is “I’ve to glean out of doors and breathe some mountain air.” It’s correct for all alive to.

she carried this stick for the length of the slither

Chocolate Mousse Bombes kwalk 2 09a

and didn’t would like to give it up

Chocolate Mousse Bombes kwalk 2 09b

some intervention used to be required sooner than she made mulch of it (and ate it)

Chocolate Mousse Bombes kwalk 2 09c

please give me my stick back

Chocolate Mousse Bombes kwalk 2 09d

I dilapidated to be an impulse consumer when I first started working merely out of college. All that cash, no duties, I used to be maxing out my retirement contributions and I *silent* had hundreds cash. I establish now friendly how unhealthy it used to be to dwell merely within the back of a Williams-Sonoma in Pasadena. What cured me of that unsuitable behavior briefly grunt used to be transferring – commonly and across the nation. There’s nothing bask in packing stuff you don’t surely prefer in 100 stage warmth to repair the buildup of junk. That, and I loathe litter. Being unfortunate graduate college students helped to position worth range in viewpoint. So although now we have a residence enormous sufficient to retailer method more crap than we at the 2d have, we have laborious about what we wish to resolve, the put the heck we’re going to position it, and if we essentially need it and may perchance maybe presumably exercise it. One in all the pretty a few exquisite issues about my relationship with Jeremy is that we never strive against about cash (we never strive against). He used to be supportive of my salvage of these Gastroflex silicone bombe molds that I’ve been eying for 2 years ever since I dilapidated them in my pastry course. Particularly after I talked about “chocolate” when describing my intended uses. I waited this lengthy to carry out clear I *surely* wished them.

what else, but chocolate shells

Chocolate Mousse Bombes cmb1

I’ve viewed several forms of silicone molds, but many of the ones in cookware shops are flimsy at handiest. These molds are the commercial versions and I love them. I love them. I looooooove them. Esteem them. Esteem. One other motive I waited see you later to resolve them used to be that I had to carry out clear I could perchance maybe presumably master tempering. Even supposing I dispute I loathe tempering… I’m getting proficient sufficient at it that I’m more fully happy with the approach and have tempered pretty a few chocolate within the past two months on my own. Wooooo! Any individual smack me!

accept as true with with chocolate mousse

Chocolate Mousse Bombes cmb2

Brushing one coat of chocolate is not any longer going to assemble the trick. I brushed two coats and in hindsight, I’d imply three coats. That’s no longer a self-discipline if your chocolate is tempered well since the principle coat dries in a minute and if you’re executed coating the entire molds, the principle one is ready for the subsequent coat. Within the occasion you put them within the freezer to agency up the chocolate (but again, easiest if your chocolate wasn’t tempered well) then carry out clear to let the chocolate attain to room temperature sooner than applying the subsequent coat. In every other case your warmth chocolate will develop real into a gunky mess that sticks and hardens too hasty whereas you’re brushing chocolate onto a frosty shell.

plop a few raspberries in

Chocolate Mousse Bombes cmb3

The closing thing you’ll want to carry out when assembling the bombes is the chocolate mousse (or any taste mousse). In my pastry class we stuffed the shells with mousse and then had several variations of the dinky shock within the heart: caramel, peanut butter ganache, etc. I selected raspberries because I salvage to have that 1% of something healthy within the mix.

lowering out chocolate chiffon cake bases

Chocolate Mousse Bombes cmb4

I stuffed the molds rather of paunchy because I overlooked the chocolate short dough spoiled. If I incorporated the short dough spoiled, I’d have stuffed the molds easiest 2/3 paunchy and squashed the chiffon circle into the mould so as that they were flush with the sides of the molds.

inserting them on high of every mould

Chocolate Mousse Bombes cmb5

The molds then shuffle into the freezer. Why? On story of the mousse needs to be agency sufficient to shield the enhance of the chocolate shell whereas you happen to invert the bombes. How assemble I know this? On story of I within the commence tried to unmold a bombe that had been within the refrigerator and cracked the shell. Jeremy fortunately ate that failure.

oh, did i mention that i purchased a sheet of mini bombe molds too?

Chocolate Mousse Bombes chocolate mousse bombes6

Once the bombes are unmolded, let them attain to room temperature or space them within the refrigerator so as that whereas you happen to lend a hand them, the mousse is relaxed, subtle, and creamy. I embedded one raspberry in every of the smaller bombe molds. They’re completely relaxed. We sent enormous bombes over to our favorite neighbors.

gigantic bombe

Chocolate Mousse Bombes chocolate mousse bombes7

dinky bombe

Chocolate Mousse Bombes chocolate mousse bombes8

Chocolate Mousse Bombes

[print recipe]

from the Culinary College of the Rockies

8 oz. semi-candy chocolate, tempered

1 11×17-lag sheet of chocolate chiffon cake (1/2 recipe, and also you’ll have leftover cake)

1 cup novel raspberries

chocolate mousse

12 3-lag hemisphere molds (mine are surely 2 3/4 lag)

chocolate chiffon cake

makes 2 11×17-lag sheet pans or 2 9×3-lag rounds

10.5 oz. cake flour

3 oz. cocoa powder

8.75 oz. confectioners sugar

0.5 oz. baking powder (overlooked at 8500 ft.)

7 oz. entire milk

6 oz. canola oil

3 eggs (4 eggs if dinky)

1 tsp almond extract

2 oz. praline paste (or hazelnut paste)

13 oz. egg whites

9 oz. granulated sugar

Oven 375°F. Prep pans by buttering bottom and sides. Set aside parchment in pan and butter the parchment. Sift dry blueprint (except granulated sugar) real into a large bowl. Mix all blueprint (except the 13 ounces of egg whites and granulated sugar) within the enormous bowl till combined. Whip whites and granulated sugar to medium peaks. Fold into batter gently a third at a time (tempering the batter). Bake till self-discipline, about 20-25 minutes. Purchase away from oven and put off away from pan. Let frosty fully on a rack.

chocolate mousse

a dinky bit modified from Tartelette’s mousse recipe

6 oz. semisweet chocolate, chopped

1/4 cup entire milk

2 oz. butter

1 egg yolk

1 cup heavy cream, frosty

In a bowl self-discipline over a pan of simmering water (be sure that the bowl fits snuggly over the pan and does no longer touch the water), melt collectively the chocolate, milk, and butter. Purchase away from the warmth and let frosty to lukewarm. Recede within the egg yolk. In a mixer, whip the cream to medium peaks and fold it into the chocolate mixture. Yields about 3 cups.


With the chocolate in mood, brush a layer of chocolate in every mould. When the chocolate has cooled and is solid, apply one more coat of tempered chocolate. Make with a third coat. The exercise of a 3-lag spherical cutter, decrease out 12 rounds from the chocolate chiffon cake. Bear a pastry glean fitted with a straightforward tip with the chocolate mousse. Pipe mousse into every mould about 2/3 to a couple/4 paunchy. Gently press two raspberries into the heart of every bombe so as that they are enveloped by the mousse. High every mould with a spherical of cake. Freeze till agency (about 2 hours). Unmold the bombes and let return to room temperature sooner than serving or retailer covered within the refrigerator.

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