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Chinese language Sponge Cake (Baked, No longer Steamed)

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“My mother gentle to plot this cake when we we had been rising up. I love it due to or no longer it’s gentle and fluffy. Please articulate, exercise an aluminum cake pan for this recipe (we now delight in always gentle an aluminum angel meals cake pan). Enact NOT exercise a non-stick pan! I am on a quest to accumulate the recipe for the Chinese language bakery desserts. I’m no longer speaking about these Chinese language steamed sponge desserts. I’m searching for the fluffy ones that come with the fruit and whipped creamy frosting. If anybody is conscious of this recipe, please ahead to me–I will almost definitely be perpetually grateful! In the meantime, this cake is the closest thing to it.”

Ready In:
1hr 30mins





  • 2

    cups softasilk mark cake flour

  • 1 12

    cups sugar

  • 12

    cup oil

  • 34

    teaspoon cream of tartar

  • 1

    cup water

  • 8

    eggs (separated)

  • 34

    teaspoon vanilla extract (or almond or coconut)


  • Heat water and dissolve sugar. Let wintry.
  • Combine yolk into sugar water.
  • Slowly add flour into the aggregate.
  • Blend in oil and extract.
  • In a licensed bowl, beat egg whites till peaks are stiff. Add cream of tartar.
  • Fold batter from above into egg whites.
  • Pour blended batter into an UNGREASED aluminum cake pan (discontinue NOT exercise a non-stick pan!).
  • Bake at 350 degrees for forty five-60 minutes till completed (when toothpick comes out orderly).
  • Flip cake upside down and let wintry.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Andrea S.

    Can this recipe be prick into thinner layers and layered with whip cream? Or is it too ravishing?

  2. bjportee

    Where is the recipe for the frosting within the image?

  3. bjportee

    Regarding your gaze for a fluffy baked Chinese language cake that come with the fruit and whipped creamy frosting. Have you figured out many? I had essentially the most WONDERFUL Chinese language cake that modified into unbelievably gentle and delicious with whipped creamy frosting in Hayward, California and the memory has stayed with me. I will search you space hopeful that I will accumulate just a few recipes which consist of the “whipped creamy frosting.”

  1. rosalindclee

    Here’s a extraordinarily appropriate recipe! I didn’t delight in cake flour so I gentle traditional. I destroy up the sugar and beat half with the whites and cream of tartar. I beat the different half with the yolks till they fashioned ribbons and grew to change into gentle yellow prior to I added the water. The cake rose very high in my angel meals pan and saved its height after cooling. Very gentle and bounces help when poked. Palatable

    • Overview photo by rosalindclee

  2. ljfunstuff

    I agree with I figured out the chinese language whip cream fruit cake! It be the kind that I grew up eating. It be by chef Yener on I delight in never made it yet, but I would doubtlessly plot a a runt thicker layer.

  3. Chef Gorete

    This sponge cake is so gentle, ethereal and subtle and makes a licensed suited-attempting cake. I gentle the vanilla extract, but notion to verify out the coconut extract subsequent time. The recipe itself wasn’t very detailed within the preparation, so I certain to beat the egg yolks till gentle prior to in conjunction with the sugar combination.

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