Caffè Shakerato (Italian-Fashion Shaken Iced Coffee) Recipe

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A fraction of bar instruments turns your iced espresso staunch into a velvety, foam-capped take care of.

Why It Works

  • Using sizzling espresso helps dissolve the sugar more posthaste.
  • By making the espresso new and then pouring it onto the ice, its flavors are better preserved (equivalent to Eastern-fashion iced espresso).

I have been experimenting with iced espresso concepts to get a petite reprieve from the summer heat (and to invent the isolation imposed on us by coronavirus more gripping). My dawdle-to is Eastern-fashion iced espresso, which I learned some years ago used to be my most neatly-most licensed establish of iced espresso (extra special more so than chilly brew), however there’s a complete world of iced espresso beverages previous that, love caffè shakerato.

To be moral, I wasn’t making an strive forward to extra special from caffè shakerato, which I have been attentive to for years however hadn’t tried. On the total served in a martini or cocktail glass, the drink struck me more as a gimmick since, on paper on the very least, it looks to lawful be total sweetened iced espresso. Turns out I underestimated it by plenty.

The title clues you in on what’s spirited right here: “Shakerato” is lawful the English verb “shaken” with an Italian ending. And that is exactly how or no longer it is made—a shot of espresso (or any other establish of concentrated espresso) is shaken with sugar on ice. What comes out is no longer lawful a candy iced espresso, however one which’s been reworked in texture: velvety and capped with a creamy foam, mostly due to the spirited shaking that aerates the espresso. The beneficiant dose of sugar helps, too, growing the espresso’s viscosity and allowing it to connect more luminous air bubbles.

Feel free to alter the beauty level to your possess tastes; this model leans dessert-y, that would no longer be all americans’s cup of tea espresso. And if the total theory of this iced espresso has you asking whether or no longer one might perhaps well ever mix some booze in, the respond is sure: Some recipes spike the espresso with an oz.. or two of a candy, cream-basically based mostly liqueur, equivalent to Baileys. Real, you understand, possibly fabricate no longer fabricate that first thing within the morning.

  • 4 oz. ice cubes (about 4 to 6 cubes)

  • 1/2 ounce (1 tablespoon; 15g) sugar

  • 2 fluid oz. (60ml) freshly made sizzling espresso (sight display conceal)

  1. Add ice and sugar to a cocktail shaker. Pour sizzling espresso on high, seal shaker, and shake vigorously except thoroughly chilled, 10 to twenty seconds.

  2. Tension iced espresso staunch into a cocktail glass, coupe, or other glass vessel and attend straight away.

Particular Equipment

Cocktail shaker, cocktail strainer


Ought to you wouldn’t invent an espresso shot at dwelling, you would exhaust other types of concentrated espresso, equivalent to from a moka pot or Aeropress.

Receive-Forward and Storage

The caffè shakerato is most realistic enjoyed straight away.

Food regimen Facts (per serving)
63 Calories
0g Fat
16g Carbs
0g Protein

Repeat Rotund Food regimen Label
Veil Rotund Food regimen Label


Food regimen Facts
Amount per serving
Calories 63
% Day-to-day Price*
0g 0%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
0mg 0%
13mg 1%
16g 6%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Complete Sugars 15g
Nutrition C 0mg 1%
Calcium 5mg 0%
Iron 0mg 0%
Potassium 69mg 1%
*The % Day-to-day Price (DV) tells you the procedure in which extra special a nutrient in a meals serving contributes to a day after day food regimen. 2,000 calories a day is historic for customary food regimen advice.

(Food regimen recordsdata is calculated the utilization of an ingredient database and must be regarded as an estimate.)

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