Beef Stew

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The long-established recipe that appears in my ebook, Cherries in Chilly weather: My Family’s Recipe for Hope in Tough Cases is one thing of a template, a in fact long-established red meat stew that allowed for adaptations. As an example, my Nana’s recipe did no longer demand red meat stock cubes, but I uncover they in point of fact enhance the flavor. I additionally added more garlic because I uncover it irresistible. You can add half a cup of red wine even as you extinguish up going to place it in a slack cooker on low for just a few hours and let the wine and meat juices mingle. And you may perhaps add beans in put of peas—or besides peas! Everyone in my family took this recipe and made it her or his hang, and I invite you to attain the equal.


Serves 4-6

1/2 cup flour

1 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon pepper

2 kilos stew red meat, cubed

3 teaspoons olive oil or butter

1 bay leaf

1 clove garlic, smashed

1 red meat stock dice

1 pound little onions

6 carrots, sliced

3 medium-size potatoes, quartered

1 kit frozen peas

  1. Mix flour, salt, and pepper in a bowl and coat every bit of red meat with it. Heat olive oil or butter in a heavy pot or Dutch oven and brown the meat over real looking warmth. Utilize away meat as obligatory to brown remaining meat. Return all meat to the pot. Dissolve red meat stock dice in 2 cups boiling water and add to pot with meat. Add bay leaf and garlic and elevate to a boil. Decrease warmth, duvet, and simmer slowly unless the meat is soft. Add onions, carrots, and potatoes; jog to combine ingredients, and cook for 10 minutes. Add peas, and continue simmering unless the meat and vegetables are soft, about 20 minutes.

Nutrition Per Serving

Per serving: 350.0 calories

80.0 calories from fat

9.0g complete fat

4.0g saturated fat

200.0mg ldl cholesterol

790.0mg sodium

23.0g complete carbs

7.0g dietary fiber

11.0g sugars

48.0g protein

#### Dietary prognosis equipped by [TasteBook

using the USDA Nutrition Database]( )

From Cherries in Chilly weather: My Family’s Recipe for Hope in Tough Cases by Suzan Colón. Copyright © 2009 by Suzan Colón. Revealed by Doubleday. All Rights Reserved.
Suzan Colón is a contributing author and editor for O, The Oprah Journal. Her articles ranking appeared in Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Rolling Stone, Little print, and other magazines. She lives in Novel Jersey with her husband, Nathan.

How would you payment Beef Stew?

  • I made this following the directions. It became once ok. Nothing love, but no longer atrocious. No doubt better after it sits a day. This stew is precise a protracted-established no frills stew. If I did it again, I’d indubitably add some herbs, love thyme. Most certainly some tomato paste…precise one thing to give it a exiguous of pizazz. In case you’re searching a hearty, long-established stew, right here’s it. In case you’re hunting for a stew that can wow your company and ranking everyone leave soliciting for the recipe, right here’s no longer it.

  • I made this and added a diced tomato, more pepper, italian seasoning, paprika, and a half tsp of liquid smoke. I additionally added blueprint more garlic (chopped). I in fact feel love without these additions it might perhaps be very bland. However it in fact grew to change into out qualified! Served it with contemporary hand-crafted biscuits. I will indubitably form it again.

  • Easy! I passe prime sirloin and after browning the meat, onions & garlic I threw it all within the crockpot and let it cook overnight. I’m no longer a pea fan so I left these out. This will in all probability be a jog to meal when all of us know our agenda goes to be tight. Apt stew recipe for any individual who likes classic and hardy.

  • Gargantuan. Easy. Very adaptable. I passe yellow onions, chopped coarsly and sauteed them after cooking the red meat. Proper unbelievable

  • Here’s an actual nefarious recipe for red meat stew. I love that it is no longer too meat-heavy. I frequently attempt to punch up the flavor, so I made a low cost with about 1 cup of red wine, 1 Tbsp of tomato paste and several jarred anchovies after we browned the meat. I passe chicken broth and about 1 tsp of red meat-flavored Better Than Bouillon. I additionally increased the garlic to a paunchy head, and precise chop every clove in half lengthwise. The comfort became once as indicated within the recipe. I passe stew meat and can are trying one thing more flavorable next time, because it became once a exiguous tedious, even after browning. After cooking for roughly an hour, the meat became once soft and the flavors came together smartly, and I deem it might perhaps be even yummier tonight. Served on prime of rice and sauteed collard greens.

  • Here’s an actual nefarious for a red meat stew. I passe chicken broth, added tomato paste and a bouquet of rosemary and thyme to the recipe. It very precise served with pappardelle noodles. I’d form this again.

  • This became once surprisingly easy and so tasty. There is a couple of room for creativity as smartly. I added a exiguous more water to the pot when I added the onions/potato/carrots precise so that they ranking been covered. 2 cups of broth did no longer seem love sufficient. Critically yummy recipe!

  • Absolute best!! As per others, added red wine, worcestershire, tomato paste, rosemary, thyme, oregano & increased butter. The gravy just isn’t seemingly!

  • Type became once precise but meat became once no longer soft the usage of this cooking time. Would simmering longer ranking helped? Historical stew meat and adopted the recipe.

  • Here’s a keeper. My children all loved it. Easy and gratifying. I served it with brown rice.

  • loved it and qualified
    easy to put together.
    hell you may perhaps even
    skip the kaffir
    leaves. I switched
    the red meat out for
    chicken. cant wait
    to form it again.

  • Gargantuan stuff. Love
    others acknowledged, right here’s
    an out of this world,
    easy, straight-up
    nefarious recipe. About a
    tweaks (to your
    liking) and it is
    unbelievable. My significant other (who
    is no longer any longer a substantial red meat
    fan) in fact enjoyed
    it as smartly.
    My adjustments ranking been
    (with a nod to
    others who made so
    many precise
    (1) a half stick of
    butter to originate;
    (2) because I became once
    making this for
    any individual who is
    gluten intolerant, I
    passe candy (beautiful)
    rice flour to coat
    the red meat [the
    results were
    excellent — browned
    nicely and helped
    thicken the sauce
    just as wheat flour;
    (3) I used 3 garlic
    cloves [1 just
    seemed too minimal];
    (4) love one more
    reviewer, I made a
    bouquet garni of
    rosemary, thyme, and
    (5) I additionally chopped
    up some contemporary
    oregano and thyme
    and added them at
    the very stop;
    (6) the red wine
    talked about by one
    other reviewer became once
    location on (I passe a
    precise organic red meat
    broth for 2/3rds of
    the total and 1/3
    red wine — cabernet
    (7) I added a
    heaping table spoon
    of tomato paste
    against the stop. It
    became once merely sufficient abet
    thicken a exiguous more
    and add extra
    depth of flavor;
    (8) the
    worcestershire sauce
    is additionally precise — I
    in all probability added 1.5
    table spoons.
    One more hint —
    brown the meat in
    little batches as
    less within the pan will
    abet it brown up
    effectively. Also develop no longer
    danger about the usage of
    too extra special flour as
    some “over use” will
    designate a advantageous roux in
    aggregate with the
    butter. This will in all probability
    indubitably add to
    the depth of the

  • Furthermore, I in fact ranking
    made this recipe
    subbing chicken (for
    meat and broth) and
    it is restful
    not seemingly! I additionally read
    the ebook hoping
    there will in all probability be other
    qualified recipes, but
    none evaluate to this

  • I passe this as my foundation – soar originate. I did no longer use the flour when I browned the meat. I sprinkled the meat with herbs de provence. ( did no longer ranking a bay leaf). Once browned, i added a container of red meat broth. Covered and simmered as directions. Added the total veggies plus more sprinkle with herbs de provence. To thicken liquid broth, I made a paste with flour and the broth. handiest stew i ranking ever made!

  • i passe this recipe as a template making
    in put of flour and salt i overwhelmed
    half a sleeve of SALTINES and added
    ROMANO CHEESE mud to coat the meat. i
    heated the oil with the bay leaves in
    it to infuse the flavor. when i added
    the meat i ground a exiguous gloomy pepper
    into the aggregate. once the meat became once
    browned i added the broth a little can
    of TOMATO SAUCE and a few shakes of
    WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE. i let the meat
    simmer for roughly 30 min then added the
    vegetables and let it jog for 45 min. i
    bought many complements on the aroma as
    smartly as the flavor.

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