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Angel Food Pen Wheels

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How To Abolish angel food pen wheels

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    Mix cake according to instructions on field.

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    Pour into 2 vast jelly roll cookie sheets, bake one after the other, as directed on field

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    When truffles are done, pour out onto Wax paper that has been sprinkled with Powdered sugar. Allow to frigid, while making filling.

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    FILLING: Mix sugar, milk and butter until upright warm. Gallop small amount of warm mixture into egg yolks, hotfoot and add to filling. Prepare dinner until mixture thickens. Add vinilla and pecans.

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    Unfold 1/2 of filling mixture over cake, is actually a skinny layer. Roll up cake relish a jelly roll. Repeat with second cake.

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    Nick truffles in 3/4 traipse pen wheel slices. Effect of residing up on plate and encourage.

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