Almond biscuits from Apulia (dolcetti di mandorle)  Almond biscuits from Apulia (dolcetti di mandorle) 1878 almond biscuits from apulia dolcetti di mandorle

Almond biscuits from Apulia (dolcetti di mandorle)

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  • Prep time
    20 minutes
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The almond tree and the olive tree are frequent of the apulian (Puglia – Italy) landscape: right and hardy flowers, they develop with out bother in this largely sunny land. The almonds, candy and crunchy, are the main factors of diverse types of cakes and biscuits, and likewise of refreshing drinks for the length of summer season.

At this time of the year other folks originate getting willing the dolcetti (the minute cookies), to be supplied, and loved, for the length of Christmas time… we point to systems on how to win with out a doubt one of our favourites: almonds dolcetti. These are luscious little truffles, somewhat crisp and cracked on the surface with a tender coronary heart internal.

We utter you to pair them with a sip of dessert liquor like Limoncello, Vin Santo or Amaro.

This recipe is very instant and uncomplicated; you most attention-grabbing must watch out whereas baking, but be aware our directions and the high outcome shall be spectacular. —mad&delicacy


  • 400 grams

    flour of almonds with out skin

  • 180 grams

    icing sugar
  • zest of 1 natural lemon

  • espresso beans, candied fruits and almonds with skin for adornment

  • 2

    white eggs

  1. If don’t derive the almond’s flour, utilizing a mixer, grind the almonds intermittently till flour. You are going to be ready to grind almonds and sugar, all together.

    Beat the egg whites with a fork. Mix the bottom almonds, icing sugar and lemon zest in a big bowl. Add the beaten eggs after which utilizing your fingers, knead till the dough is tender and sticky.

    Prepare a baking tray lined with a greaseproof paper (2 sheets); along with your palms gently roll a quantity of dough like a walnut accurate into a ball, then gain it on the baking tray; proceed to roll accurate into a ball the total dough. Alternatively you would win the biscuits by utilizing a sac á poche.

  2. Let somewhat of condominium between them, whereas cooking they swell somewhat.
    At some stage in every ball win a pit along with your finger and gain one espresso bean, a portion of candied fruit or an almond on it.
    Bake at 150° for about quarter-hour or till they’re gold on the high and little brown at the backside (seek the pics).
    Let it chilly and withhold them in a biscuit jar.

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