5 Types of Tequila and How They’re Made

After being cooked, the piñas are shredded to provide a juice referred to as mosto. This goes in a tank with yeast and water. When yeast meets sugar, that’s amore. The mix creates ethyl alcohol.

Most spirits are distilled at the least twice utilizing a column or pot nonetheless, and tequila’s no totally different. This concentrates and purifies the alcohol so you possibly can drink it with out going blind.

In the meantime, over in Oaxaca, mezcaleros do most of this labor-intensive work by hand. Their stills are produced from domestically sourced supplies like clay and copper, and are lots smaller, usually cell, to allow them to be transported wherever they’re wanted. There’s even a authorized time period referred to as “ancestral,” a designation for mezcals made 100% by hand.

Step 3: Ageing

We’ve arrived on the ultimate stage of the manufacturing course of: maturation: All spirits, together with tequila, are clear once they come off a nonetheless. Brown spirits—assume whiskey and rum—develop their darkish shade from sitting in a picket vessel reminiscent of a barrel (or cask). This course of softens the end by eradicating tannins, and imparts barrel notes which are sometimes related to baking spices like vanilla, caramel, and brown sugar.

Ageing isn’t a standard Mexican course of so mezcals, at the least the non-Americanized ones, by no means see the within of a barrel. They’re saved in glass, clay jugs, or non-soluble plastic containers. That’s why mezcals are clear.

Facet Step: Rules and Components

The Mexican authorities does the identical factor Japan, Scotland, and the U.S. do with their native spirits: They regulate them so everybody’s clear on what makes a tequila a tequila and a mezcal a mezcal. With out turning this right into a authorized briefing, any tequila or mezcal value ingesting will need to have “100% (de) Agave” written on the label. When you don’t see that, it means it’s a licor (typically referred to as a mixto tequila) and can include any method of components, together with grain alcohol.

By legislation, a blanco can’t include components; nevertheless, aged tequila could embrace as much as 1% undisclosed components and nonetheless be thought of 100% agave.

The method of incorporating components, often called “mellowing” or “rectification,” permits 4 varieties: Caramel coloring, wooden extract, glycerin, and sugar-based syrup. Coloring makes it look darker, wooden extract makes it odor older, glycerin provides it a thicker mouthfeel, and syrup provides flavors and sweetness. Agave has a pure sweetness that doesn’t style like sugar, vanilla, caramel, espresso, or maple syrup, so in case you style acquainted flavors that remind you of processed candies and confections, chances are high, your tequila has components.


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What are the primary varieties of tequila (and mezcal)?

Sufficient of the distillation nerdery, we’re lastly going to speak about pounding tequila photographs! Really, that’s not the way it’s executed outdoors of pledge weekend and Daytona spring break. Equally, that factor your pal who took one yr of high-school Spanish advised you about worms in tequila bottles… That’s not a factor, both. If somebody provides you tequila with an insect in it, know that’s inauthentic and unsanitary. There are not any world-class spirits, of which tequila is one, with bugs within the bottle. It’s a tough go, properties.

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