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Banana Turon Valencia

The streetside treat food of bananas sprayed with sugar covered in springroll wrappers is commonly known in the Tagalog area as ‘turon’. However, in our corner of Cavite this is constantly called as ‘valencia’ or ‘balensia’.

Biiii-li na kayong balensia !! shouts the woman in a sing-song manner with a bilao filled with these wonderful treats in addition to her
. Such as anything else, I’ve obtained no idea why it is called that. But it may have something to do with the way the components are rolled and covered in something because I know of a stitching sew or seam where the torn/raw side is enclosed by inverting the sewed side itself after that stitching over it again. My mom constantly called that a ‘valenciana’. So I think the call relates to a way of enclosing something leading to a ‘rolled’ look.

Anyhow, this is very easy peasy to do and customarily I nearly shed it. :(You know how they say food preparation is all about timing. It appears whenever I cook this I constantly forget that this isn’t an extremely flexible frying item. Since it is obtained sugar it sheds easily. So please remember (more for my kids this) when you cook this don’t put the heat too expensive or overlook it. Transform it often (if frying pan frying) or maintain a shut eye on it.

There are great deals of variants you can do, some also put in delicious chocolates! I used muscovado sugar on this since it’s the closest to our panucha. I love the caramelly glaze it imparts to the valencia. Also I included slivers of langka (jackfruit) because it gives that fruity scent and includes sweet taste to the package. When it comes to the banana, I still have not found other food preparation variety of banana closest to the saba various other after that plantain. In my opinion, saba is still the best in regards to flavour and structure but in the meantime plantain will do.

The way I cover it resembles in a parcel, just like the way springrolls are done. But you might simply roll it such as a log and leave completions open up. By doing this the wrapper becomes extra crunchy with more drips of sugar glaze.


food preparation banana (saba or plantain)
langka (jackfruit) – sliced right into slivers
muscovado or brownish sugar
springroll wrappers
oil for frying
1. Peel and cut bananas right into about 3-4 inch sizes after that right into quarters lengthwise.
2. Roll bananas in the sugar.
3. Arrange bananas and langka in springroll wrappers and cover as in a parcel (or cover such as a log with both finishes open up).
4. Deep fry or frying pan fry in oil maintaining shut watch as this sheds easily.
5. Drain on a cable fit together strainer (not theoretically towels because they’ll stay with the valencia).

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