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Banana Turon ( Valencia )

The other day I bought bunch of bananas in a nearby supermarket. I was so happy because I rarely find this kind of banana here in Singapore. I got excited because both my children love Banana Turon. They got it from my husband who also loves it. In the Philippines, theres plenty of it, in fact it is one of the most sought street food. I grew up practically having bananas at home. There are different ways this banana is cooked: fried banana, banana with coconut milk, boiled banana, grilled banana, banana cue, sweetened banana etc. but the most popular is Banana Turon: banana slices with jackfruit coated with brown sugar then wrapped using spring roll wrapper. Well, this type of food is actually a fusion between Spanish and Chinese adapted by the Filipinos. Who knows about fusion food then? These people came to us and they introduced different ways and methods of cooking so we have learned to adjust and we have managed to give names also. Nowadays, some call it Banana Lumpia, obviously because of the spring roll wrapper. Majority call it Banana Turon or just Turon, my mother called it Sagimis. Well, different names but definitely the same sweetness, more or less, and here’s the story.
Banana lumpia or Turón Turon (Spanish: turrón),also known as Banana Lumpia, is a Philippine snack made of thinly sliced bananas (preferably Saba or Cardaba bananas) and a slice of jackfruit, dusted with brown sugar ,rolled in spring roll wrapper and fried. Brown sugar is further added while frying for additional sweetness. Turon is a popular street food among Filipinos. They can be usually seen on the streets along with banana cue, camote cue, and maruya being peddled by vendors. Nowadays, other fillings can also be used, including sweet potato,mango, cheese and coconut. In Malabon(a city nearby Manila),”turron” refers to a fried lumpia-wrapper-enveloped dessert which has a sweet mung bean filling, while ” valencia” refers to the banana version normally associated with the term turron

While reading I discovered that Spain has Turron or nougat. Turon is a traditional treat sold in roadside bazaars in Spain and in stores around the Christmas season. It is a traditional gift and treat. Probably the recipe was given to us and we adapted it to make our very own Panocha,a round like platter form of local peanuts ( Spain uses almonds) cooked using brown sugar or palm sugar. These Panocha has now become part our traditional food too and its available all throughout the year. So, the recipe came originally from Spain handed to them by the Arabs and northern African peoples who ruled most of Spain until about 1250, and gave up their last Arabic kingdom in Granada in 1492 to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.The Arabs brought marzipan with them,but they found almond trees already growing on Spanish soil too.
It is supposed to be Turron which later on became Panocha (in the end we have them both until we forgot the original Turon from Spain because Almonds don’t grow in Philippines soil),but then Filipinos’ love affair with sweet food was so great that they melted Panocha and used it for cooking Banana Turon wherein they adapted the use of spring roll wrapper from Chinese settlers.Oh my, the wonder of fusion food is really enchanting and lovely. Would you like to make your own Banana Turon? Here is how we do it but I made some slight changes,I added Butter and Cinnamon. 
Ingredients: about 10 ripe saba or cardaba bananas, thinly sliced 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup butter 1 tbsp ground cinnamon 1/2 cup ripe jackfruit thinly sliced large spring roll wrapper some oil for fryingDirection:Prepare banana slices and spring roll wrapper In a bowl, combine sugar, butter and cinnamon. Mix until they turn into crumbs.( like crumbs for top of apple muffin) Then roll banana slices into the crumbs.Make sure they are coated with crumbs.The more, the greatest!..yum yum.. just make additional crumbs if you need more. 

Now,lay spring roll wrapper and on top,arrange coated slices banana.Add some jackfruit slices and roll over and now you have a log like roll. Repeat the process.Fry in hot oil , 2 or 3 at a time. Drain excess oil.Use strainer or colander.Serve hot Note: The usual way back home : after the bananas are rolled,this log like Turon will again be rolled in brown sugar before frying. Just be careful with your temperature. You might end up having overcooked Banana Turon outside but the inside still not done.

banana turon ( valencia ) - turon2 - Banana Turon ( Valencia )

 My precious yellow bananas! They are so pretty…for my tummy!

banana turon ( valencia ) - turon3 - Banana Turon ( Valencia )

 Remember to put more crumbs…the more, the greatest yum yum!

banana turon ( valencia ) - tuorn5 - Banana Turon ( Valencia )

 Ooppsss…yes,something is missing, there’s no available ripe jackfruit in our area

banana turon ( valencia ) - turon4 - Banana Turon ( Valencia )

       My pretty mini logs are waiting for their time.

banana turon ( valencia ) - turon - Banana Turon ( Valencia )

 Yes, here they are…golden brown in color, crispy outside, soft and sweet inside..the aroma of butter, sugar, jackfruit and cinnamon is really inviting. I miss the good old days…I wish I can drink provincial coffee  with my Banana Turon. 

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