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- Oboojv8 310x165 - PANDESAL – LUTONILOLA

Pandesal is considered one of my favourite breakfast carbs, subsequent to garlic fried rice or sinangag. Maybe, the most well-liked kind of bread within the Philippines, pandesal or pan de sal is an easy yeast-raised bread that, regardless of its identify (which is Spanish for salt bread), really tastes sweeter than salty reflecting Pinoys‘ love for sweets. If …

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- 30972888693 eac7e30e99 o 310x165 - MACAPUNO LECHE FLAN – LUTONILOLA

It’s my 50th recipe! Wouldn’t it be awesome to celebrate it with my favorite Filipino dessert—Leche Flan! 🙂 Christmas is also a time of indulgence, and there’s probably no dessert more indulgent than the leche flan. Although it’s made from simple, everyday ingredients, I think leche flan is the most decadent local desserts, bar …

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Breville Smart Oven Bov 800 – Lutonilola

- 61c FmflYcL - Breville Smart Oven Bov 800 – Lutonilola

9 good cooking features, together with preserve heat. Smart Oven® with Ingredient IQ® is a trusted device for cooks who desire a countertop oven that may bake, grill, cook dinner pizza, reheat leftovers and evenly roast juicy meats. The convection setting reduces cooking time by as much as 30%. Product DNA …

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- 31287300352 1354d9b447 o 310x165 - CRISPY PORK BELLY ROAST – LUTONILOLA

I lastly received a brand new oven! And it’s not simply any oven, it’s the Breville Smart Oven! YAYAY! I’m so excited! I couldn’t be any happier since I received my arms on this beautiful gadget. God is aware of how lengthy I’ve been wanting to purchase a brand new oven as …

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LUMPIANG SHANGHAI (Filipino Pork Spring Rolls)

- 31037460781 000844725c k 310x165 - LUMPIANG SHANGHAI (Filipino Pork Spring Rolls)

Among the many Filipino meals which can be served throughout birthdays, gatherings, and holidays, there’s nothing extra addicting than the tasty, crispy Lumpiang Shanghai. Nope, neither the long-lasting lechon nor the childhood-favorite fried chicken can beat the attract of the standard pork spring rolls in a buffet recognition contest. Lechon will be the king, however Lumpiang Shanghai is the star. …

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- 28623471282 f2d4293d32 k 310x165 - CHOP SUEY – LUTONILOLA

Is chop suey Chinese language? American? No person appears to know the reply. Primarily based on the title alone, chop suey (actually means assorted items) is most certainly of Chinese language origin or created by Chinese language-American immigrants. Bits and items of leftover meat and greens are combined collectively and stir-fried …

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