Cutluxe’s Bullnose Butcher Knife Slices Through Even the Toughest Produce

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There I used to be, staring down a cabbage as large and heavy as a medication ball. I used to be presupposed to slice it into wedges by way of its core. I used to be having neighbors to dinner. Witnesses to my relentless mealtime Instagram posts, they’d texted me, “Can’t wait to eat your cooking!”

I needed to deliver it. After I noticed a pal’s put up with a recipe for Senegalese mafé, I knew my plan. Now I needed to break down this beast.

What software to make use of? My chef’s knives have been too stubby to span the cabbage’s width. So I went for the solely knife I owned with the size to take that veg on: my new Cutluxe 10” Bullnose Butcher Knife. I had purchased that knife, an reasonably priced impulse buy, for grilling season. Meant for breaking down a aspect of beef, its practically foot-long, huge, powerful blade made fast work of spatchcocking a rooster and trimming a brisket earlier than smoking. I hadn’t figured it for greens, however I reckoned it may halve that head of cabbage in a single fell swoop. Cradling the deal with in a single hand and urgent on the bulbous blade with the different, I pushed that stretch of hard-carbon German metal into the cabbage and—increase!—two halves fell away, excellent semi-spheres with flat faces and equal shares of core.

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Cutluxe Bullnose Butcher & Breaking Knife

I held up the knife and admired it: With a curve that ends in fats whoosh and a scimitar tip, it appears to be like like a prop in a pirate film. Nevertheless it’s for actual. Hand-honed and super-sharp with a chic stability between deal with and bullnose, it rocks regular and slices easy. The bullnose itself—the curved finish of the blade that comes to a degree the place it meets the backbone—provides attain and weight for making longer cuts by way of giant, dense materials. (Plus, for added enjoyable, the tip can be utilized to stab the cabbage wedges and transfer them to the roasting dish.) Dimples alongside its size—referred to as a “Granton edge”—let air in between the metal and its quarry, minimizing drag and raggedy cuts. For durability, the blade’s full tang is triple-riveted into the sturdy, slip-resistant pakkawood deal with, tapered so it matches my slender palm. At just one.5 kilos, the knife appears to be like ferocious, however it’s user-friendly.

Since the cabbage, I’ve unleashed it on all kinds of the produce world’s hardest clients. I’ve chunked kabocha squash, damaged down watermelon, skinned cassava, sliced jicama, and cubed turnips. For a celebration trick, I lined up a trio of apples and bisected them in a single mighty chop. I’ve even fan-girled Cutluxe, writing them to explain the bullnose’s adventures in produce. Their reply: “This knife is an expert slaughtering/butcher knife. Whereas these features aren’t its cup of tea, they need to pose no drawback for it.”

One other sort of meals the Cutluxe of us may not have thought-about when designing their bullnose knife? Fish. For his birthday, I despatched a knife to pal Scott Clark, chef-owner at Dad’s Luncheonette in Half Moon Bay, who spends his spare time baiting hooks. He examined the software on his newest catch. “Oh, man,” he texted me, “that knife is nimble and actually fierce. Used it to interrupt down some yellowtail, cleaned up a ton of king salmon, and chopped parsley only for the enjoyable of it. Surprisingly agile for its measurement. Going to be a staple in the kitchen for certain!!”

Two exclamation factors. Not unhealthy for a $44.99 knife. Not unhealthy in any respect.

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