Green Hummus With Sizzled Dolmades Recipe

Hummus isn’t the facet dip right here, however slightly the primary dish, punched as much as a verdant hue from the addition of contemporary spinach and herbs. The inexperienced hummus is then topped with warmed, crisped dolmades which might be rapidly sizzled in olive oil together with olives and a few extra chickpeas. Add some feta, possibly some yogurt, and this dish simply may go away you questioning, “Am I a chef at a Greek taverna?” Some sensible notes: Due to its gentle taste, spinach is greatest on this hummus, versus an assertively bitter, peppery inexperienced like arugula. Be certain to be very thorough when patting the dolmades dry earlier than scorching; it encourages them to crisp up and helps cut back oil splatter. —Christian Reynoso

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