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- 30972888693 eac7e30e99 o 310x165 - MACAPUNO LECHE FLAN – LUTONILOLA

It’s my 50th recipe! Wouldn’t it be awesome to celebrate it with my favorite Filipino dessert—Leche Flan! 🙂 Christmas is also a time of indulgence, and there’s probably no dessert more indulgent than the leche flan. Although it’s made from simple, everyday ingredients, I think leche flan is the most decadent local desserts, bar …

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Breville Smart Oven Bov 800 – Lutonilola

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9 good cooking features, together with preserve heat. Smart Oven® with Ingredient IQ® is a trusted device for cooks who desire a countertop oven that may bake, grill, cook dinner pizza, reheat leftovers and evenly roast juicy meats. The convection setting reduces cooking time by as much as 30%. Product DNA …

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- 31287300352 1354d9b447 o 310x165 - CRISPY PORK BELLY ROAST – LUTONILOLA

I lastly received a brand new oven! And it’s not simply any oven, it’s the Breville Smart Oven! YAYAY! I’m so excited! I couldn’t be any happier since I received my arms on this beautiful gadget. God is aware of how lengthy I’ve been wanting to purchase a brand new oven as …

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