Monthly Archives: June 2008

The Infamy of Balut

Tasty. Juicy. Evil. It’s given. Not many foreigners would even get near this delicacy. It appears to be like protected from the skin, however harmful on the within. Who would have considered boiling an under-developed duck embryo and eat it afterwards? They are saying this delicacy originated from the Chinese …

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- DSC01116 Large Web view 310x165 - CHICKEN AFRITADA

One of many well-liked Filipino hen dishes is the Hen Afritada, most likely subsequent to Chicken Tinola. Hen Afritada is a saucy hen stew with greens, akin to potatoes and carrots. Onions are added final as a result of we don’t need them to be overly cooked. The delicate sweetness of onions …

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- DSC01063 Large Web view 310x165 - ADOBONG BABOY (Pork Adobo)

This can be a very fundamental Adobong Baboy or Pork Adobo recipe. In distinction to my first Adobong Baboy recipe, this one has the same old thick sauce, though each are addictively scrumptious. The good factor with adobo is that it has an extended shelf life particularly if stored within the fridge. Considered one of its most important …

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- DSC01051 Large Web view 310x165 - GROUND PORK WITH SAYOTE

I hated greens once I was a child, and there are some, similar to ampalaya (bitter gourd) and okra, that I nonetheless don’t like now. However there are additionally sure greens that I actually love, particularly the leafy ones. And sayote (chayote). It’s like inexperienced papaya, however softer when cooked that it melts in your mouth. …

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